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List Of Alleged Secret Projects
(with comments)

1. Fort Detrick, Maryland_U. S. Army Bacteriological &
Chemical Warfare Experimental Labs.

2. Langley, Virginia: CIA Headquarters "The Shop"_ Experiments
in Biological Weapons, Psychological Warfare, Psychics.

3. Indian Springs, California_ U. S. Air Force Base: "Shut
down in 1978 due to budget cuts." Way station for the
homeless. Experiments on humans.

4. Dugway, Utah_ U.S. Army Biological experiments currently
being conducted:

A. Cloning
B. Biogenetic Engineering
C. Biological Warfare Experiments
D. Headquarters of DERO

5. Battle Mountain, Nevada_ U. S. Army
Biological-Chemical-Nuclear Warfare Storage Facility.

6. Thunder Mountain, Nevada_ U. S. Air Force Headquarters of
Project Rainbow. Storage facility for UFOs and alien space
base. (Maybe).

26 April, 1978_Dugway, Utah:
"Leak of chemical warfare gas when truck overturned," was
story given to press. Killed sheep and other livestock, made
some people sick.

Field experiment #13417-T-137: Nerve gas released to determine
range of open air dispersal and effects of weather on potency.
417 Americans died. Government controlled press to hush the

11 August, 1978:

Field experiment #13481-A:
Test sites: New York City; Miami, Florida; San Francisco,
California; Chicago, Illinois; Detroit, Michigan.

To determine extent of artificial virus in decreasing
homosexual drug-user populations.

Method of dispersal: 20,000 kilos of heroin infected with HIV
and distributed to federal agents posing as drug dealers.

Expectations: Within 5 years should cause epidemic among
homosexual population and force them out of mainstream
population. Expect most to be dead within 10 years.

(Note: We have repeatedly stated that the New World Order is
encouraging homosexuals to "come out of the closet" so they
can be identified for future extermination. If you want to see
how the New World Order really feels about the gay community,
you need only study the history of Nazi Germany).

14 June, 1973
New Mexico. Code name: Fallen Rainbow; Project Rainbow, USAF.
Crashed UFO recovered with survivors. 385 American witnessed
the crash. All disappeared with their families. Anthrax
epidemic was blamed. Area cordoned off within 1/2 hour. DERO
activated. Some Americans near the crash site were shot by
paramilitary stormtroopers. Moved to Coonty Mountain on 15
June, 1973. Moved to Battle Mountain on 21 July, 1974 and
remains there.

Note: Project Rainbow originally was the code name of the
time/space experiments conducted aboard the USS Eldridge and
dubbed "The Philadelphia Experiment." We believe it continues
under that name.

Coonty Mountain, Utah

Project "Beastmaker."

For security reasons, moved from Fort Detrick, Maryland.
Genetic manipulations of different animals to be used in
warfare. Some failures. Success rate: 14.37% of test subjects
perform to ideal.

Best case: 1787-P "Outsider." A killer soldier.

Other: Golden Retrievers with extreme intelligence trained as
spies for missions in foreign countries.

1979 (date unknown):


Government agencies began using "expendable" homeless
people for genetic experiments and chemical and biological
warfare agents. Used for psychological testing, drug
experiments, and as bargaining tools with aliens. Main
terminal is Indian Springs, California. Abducted from
shelters, streets and hang-outs. These "invisible people" are
not even missed by the general population and no mention is
stated in the media.


#13481-A: AIDS Project (ongoing).

#1787-O and others: Outsider genetic manipulation to create
the perfect mindless killer soldier. Successful. May be using
DNA obtained from aliens to produce crossbred beings. NOTE: We
believe this crossbreeding is being conducted as a joint
operation between earthlings and aliens.

#1593-GR Genetic manipulation to see how many different
species can be melded into a single creature. Some successes.
Since mid-1950s.

#01961-A "Chimera" A genetic experiment to determine if
created lifeforms can learn to transmutate, become invisible,
transport, levitate, have extreme ESP, etc. Success but many
in conjunction with electromagnetic machines only.

NOTE: A future series entitled, "A Fine Raving Madness" will
be publishedby Kerson Publishing Company and details the
genetic creation of Darklings.

#3180-JC The "Christ Project" attempted to clone Jesus from
DNA particles obtained from the Shroud Of Turin. Terminated
due to lack of subject control.

#3186-JCA The "Christ Project" refunded in 1986. Children* are
being raised in a closed environment.

*NOTE: Not "child", but "children."

DERO: Downed Extraterrestrial Recovery Operations. May be
referred to as DART: Downed Alien Recovery Teams.

NOTE: We cannot authenticate these reports and do not endorse
them as valid, current experiments by any government or
civilian agency, foreign or domestic. They are presented as
information only.

U.S.S. ELDRIDGE: Project Rainbow "The Philadelphia Experiment"

In 1943, the U.S. Navy began conducting tests to degauss the
hulls of ships so they could not be damaged or destroyed by
magnetic mines.

Coils of copper, rather scarce at that time, were tested in a
number of configurations. The final type, deemed suitable for
the tests, was a cadeuceus coil wound into a toroid inside the
ship's hull.

When charged, the toroid coil was supposed to demagnetize or
degauss the hull. But the engineers and scientists had
miscalculated. Something went terribly wrong.

When the toroid coil was charged, an electromagnetic field
completely different from that predicted by the engineers was
created. This unknown field changed the amount of basic energy
contained within the space occupied by the ship. It was
increased by an unknown factor.

Material objects remain visible and tangible only in a low
energy-density per unit volume of space. If that energy
density and charge is increased by a substantial amount,
enough to equal an electron, the electrons become
indistinguishable from free space. If the energy density and
charge are increased beyond the amount required to nullify an
electron and a proton, then neither the electron nor the
proton could continue to exist in the physical world.

Any slight increase in the field charge at that point would
cause the material object to completely dematerialize.

Witnesses later stated that they could see the outline of the
Eldridge in the water_the hole where it once was visible_but
they were unable to see the ship. It had become invisible!

Moments later, water rushed in to fill the hollow as the ship
dematerialized; that is, moved from the physical, visible
plane of this world into another dimension, the properties and
characteristics of which they could not explain.

Some time later the Eldridge reappeared at Norfolk, Virginia.
Many of the sailors aboard were dead, having been burned to
ashes by the strong electromagnetic forces in the toroid coil.

Others were alive, some barely, and some had melded into the
steel decks and gun tubs of the ship. A few had melded into
their nearest shipmates.

Later theories declared that the sailors had joined with their
companions and ship structure because the ship had moved in
the water and the sailors had moved from their assigned spots
some time during the transition from this three dimensional
universe to the unknown time/space continuum and back.

They may have panicked and run or they may have been thrown
off balance by the transition. We may never know.

But what is known is that some of the sailors aboard the
Eldridge who survived the experiment would begin to smoulder
as if burning from the inside out. The required "cure" at that
time was a "laying on of hands." Their shipmates and comrades
were instructed to touch the burning sailors to decrease or
otherwise change the magnetic fields surrounding them. This
"cure" apparently worked to some degree.

Obviously, humans who have undergone such radical electronic
modification could not long endure and, indeed, many were
reported to have gone mad; other to have died horrible
lingering burning deaths.

A Norfolk, Virginia newspaper reported in a small column
hidden deep within its pages that two sailors from the
Eldridge had been sitting in a bar having drinks when one
began to smoulder. His comrade placed his hands on the sailor
as instructed and the burning ceased. Then, without warning,
the affected sailor stood and walked through the wall of the
pub, but did not appear on the other side. He had vanished
completely from this space/time and has not been heard from to
this day.

The theory of this time/space shift has been expressed by a
number of prominent scientists and engineers. It is
complicated and fraught with Einstein's equations of the
unified field. To make it easier for the layman to understand
I will break it down simply as this:

Using the equations, it has been determined that an infinite
energy charge could be produced outside the toroid coil while
inside the coil (ship) zero energy charge would be indicated.
Inside the ship there is no current flowing through the
conductor and, therefore, no magnetic field. Outside the coil
there is an infinite energy charge producing an enormous
magnetic field.

The charge outside the ship is seen as Scalar Electrostatic
Potential. When this is increased the electrons, then protons,
neutrons and all other subatomic particles collapse into the
quantum field. The ship and all within the toroid coil will
vanish into the quantum field, acquiring other dimensions of
space/time/motion in the process.

Witnesses would see the ship vanish and the hole fill with
water as the ship transitioned into the quantum field. Inside
the ship, however, the universe would appear to be much the
same as before, even if it now exists entirely within the
quantum field. Its spatial properties will have changed. It
can now be in any part of the universe all the time or all of
the universe at any time. Anywhere and anywhen at once.

Because of the transition, the Eldridge became a probabilistic
construct having existence equally probable anywhere in the
universe, in all dimensions and times at the same time and
same place!

The Eldridge travelled not only through space during the
transition, it travelled through time as well. The transition
may have been instantaneous or it may have spanned centuries
for those on the ship.

The difficulty with time travel in 1943 was that the
transition contained within itself unknown factors of
probability. One factor states that the faster you travel in
time, the more acute the probability curve becomes. Time
travellers in 1943 might have transitioned through several
parallel worlds without even knowing it. This theory appears
to have some validity since the Eldridge and her crew
reappeared in a different location from where they began.

The questions are: How far did they travel on the curve and in
what direction? Did they complete a cycle forward in time and
then reappear at Norfolk, Virginia, or did they moved backward
in time, encounter neutral time and space, transition to
positive time and reappear in 1943 after having experienced a
hundred or even a thousand years of cosmic time?

And most important: Was the Eldridge that reappeared in
Norfolk the same U.S.S. Eldridge that vanished during the test
or was it a parallel ship with parallel crew from another time
on a parallel world conducting an identical test?

Project Rainbow in 1943 was an experiment that resulted in the
deaths of several sailors because the engineers did not know
what effects their toroid fields would produce.

In 1994, however, we can be certain that scientists and
engineers know exactly what to expect from time/space
transition inside their anti-mass/anti gravity electromagnetic

We see them today, not as ships of the high seas, but as ships
of interstellar space; the flying saucers and fiery lights in
the midnight skies.

This information is provided as a public service, but we cannot guarantee that the information is current or accurate. Readers should verify the information before acting on it.